Follow Submission Requirements

When preparing your resume to send off, be sure to pay close attention to any submission requirements. We understand that applying for work is time consuming and applying in bulk is much easier but don’t forget that not all application processes are the same.

Companies often ask for resumes in a specific file format (doc, rtt, pdf, docx). Some other details to consider; are they asking for you to apply through an ‘apply now’ button or by sending to a specific email address? If the company has listed a particular person on the ad, be sure to address that person directly. You might be the best person for the job, but if you do not follow the requirements set by the company, they may not even open your resume.

Some companies will list requirements to test if their applicants are paying attention, and if you don’t follow the ‘rules’ it may appear that you don’t have good attention to detail, and they won’t want to give you the time of day.

Best of luck!