How to make the most of your lunch break

Every employee is entitled to a lunch break. The hours we work determine the length of break we take, up to an hour per day. It is so easy to get caught up in the grind and work through lunch, but you should break that cycle. Here are some things to do that will re energise you and help you to make the most of your lunch break.


Take an actual break. So many of us spend two minutes shoving food in our mouths at our desk, but this does not count as a break. Get outside. If the weather is poor, walk around the office building, find some stairs and walk up and down. Anything that will get you away from your desk will help.


Eat your lunch. I am the first to say I am guilty of eating lunch at my desk, but for a change, take your lunch outside and pay attention to what you are eating. Chances are, you will make better food choices if you stop to eat without distractions.


Run errands. When you work 9-5 Monday to Friday, it is hard to get some things done outside of work hours because places are closed. Go to the bank or the post office, just don’t try to cram too many errands into a short time frame.


Catch up with a friend. If you have a friend that works close by (or at the same office), arrange a lunch date. If you don’t work close to any friends, call someone. It can really clear your mind when you talk to someone outside of work for 10-15 minutes.


Get active. When I worked full time and had an hour break, I would fully change into workout clothes and go for a brisk walk and feel ready to take on the afternoon when I got back. Bring a bag with things to freshen up after. If walking isn’t your thing, find an express yoga class nearby, or take advantage if your workplace offers gym facilities.


Now stop reading and get moving!