Be Authentic

To be authentic is to be genuine. If you are in an interview situation, whether with a recruitment agency or the company, and you are trying too hard to fit in you are not being authentic.

Some people are very good at acting and can get away with putting on a show in an interview situation to land themselves the job. Chances are though, that person will get the job and either spend their tenure trying to be someone they are not or their true colours will show when they get comfortable in their new position, which in turn could cost them the job in the long run.

It is best to be yourself in an interview. If the conversation isn’t flowing and things seem forced, then consider yourself lucky that you realised from the start that the company just isn’t the right fit for you.

You will know when you go into an interview and it just feels right. It is important to take the time to find the right role for you as opposed to just any job. That is exactly what elle belle recruitment stands for.

Just be yourself!

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