How to Prepare for a Skype Interview

More and more interviews are being conducted online these days. It makes sense, it is easier if the candidate is currently working or lives across the city from the interviewer. We will go over how to prepare for a Skype interview, which really includes any online application you are using to do your interview, including Whatsapp and Facetime.

1. Dress the part. You might be in the comfort of your home, but dress as if you are going to a face to face interview. I doubt the interviewer will be impressed to see you in a sloppy t-shirt.

2. Study your background. Be mindful of what your interviewer is seeing behind you. It is best to go to a place in your home that has a neutral background or if on a break at work, chose a space with a plain wall behind you. It can be distracting for your interviewer to have clutter and/or posters in the background. Also, it is best to have your computer camera at face level.

3. Pick a quiet space. You may be at home with kids or at a loud office or cafe. Be sure you have a quiet area behind closed doors where you will not be interrupted during your interview. Have you seen the BBC interview where Dr. Robert Kelly’s kids come marching in? Don’t let that be you!

4. Engage. It can be easy when you have distractions around you to forget to engage. Treat this like any other interview and keep eye contact with your interviewer, use body language like nodding your head and smiling. You want to connect with your interviewer even though you are far away.

5. Do a test run. You may have used Skype or Facetime a hundred times before, but it is still best to do a little test run with a friend or family member to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything and to iron out any technical problems before hand.

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