Is Workplace Bullying Ruining your Reputation?

With the recent #MeToo movement, there has been an increase in bringing an important issue to the limelight. While the issue of harassment has been brought to the forefront, with mostly women coming out with their experiences being harassed, there is still a big issue at hand when it comes to the everyday worker and what constitutes “bullying”.


It can be a touchy subject and there are always two sides to every story, but if an employee comes to you feeling insecure and like they have been the subject of bullying, it is important to listen. People want to be heard, and if they don’t feel like you care about them, they may spread the word to others, ruining yours and the company’s reputation.


The best way to nip the bullying in the bud is to set clear parameters from the beginning. If there are clear rules in place and procedures on how bullying will be dealt with, it is less likely that the bullies will take advantage of their peers. One way to implement those procedures and make all employees aware is to include anti-bullying information in the induction process. Another good way to implement a new anti-bullying clause is to conduct a quarterly policy and procedure workshop where employees will be made aware of any new policies that have been put into place and reminded of current ones that haven’t been addressed in a while.


When it comes to consequences for actions, adults are not much different from children. If employees know they can get away with something it is much more likely that they will push the boundaries. If the company actually holds people accountable and follows through with consequences for poor actions such as bullying, those bullies will either be pushed out or will uphold company policies, therefor creating a happier workplace with a great reputation to boot!