If Your’e Not Early, Your’e Late

When you show up late to an appointment or interview, you are sending a message that your time is more important than theirs, which is not the way to make a good first impression. When it comes to interviews, if you are not early, you are late. Time is precious for everyone, every person gets the same amount of hours per day. Work days are jam packed with meetings and appointments, so if one person is five-ten minutes late, it puts the rest of the day off. This is especially the case with Recruitment Consultants who may have back to back interviews scheduled.

I am one of those people who seem to constantly be running late, so I can relate if you are the same. To ensure I am on time, I plan to arrive 10 minutes early, that way I have a buffer if the unexpected happens; traffic, train delays, getting lost… I even add an extra 5-10 minute buffer in most cases, because I seem to always be lost wherever I am going.

To make the best first impression, you should walk in the door 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, it will give you time to get settled and show your interviewer that you are prompt and respect their time. On the other hand, showing up way too early can send the wrong message as well. 10 minutes prior to your interview is the sweet spot. If you get to the location 30 minutes before hand, take that time to relax, go over your resume, or grab a quick coffee (just be sure to finish it before you walk in to your interview).

Remember that everyone’s time is important. Getting there on time is the first step in securing your dream job. Good luck!