It’s just not fair…

Fairness is one of those words that comes up in conversation on a regular basis and to me it has become more prevalent recently in all situations of life. Fair and fairness transcends all aspects of daily life whether it’s within a relationship, at work and professionally, sport, family and the broader community. Due to recent occurrences I thought I’d investigate ‘fairness’ and what it means in our daily lives.

The definition of fair is to treat people equally without favouritism or discrimination. It also translates to working without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage.

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a ‘fair’ and equal society? People’s belief of fairness and unfairness in society and situations affect one’s decision about simple things – where we shop, education, work and social activities. Australia as a society is meant to stand and withhold the values of fairness, equality and social justice. Why is it then unfairness creeps into everyone’s lives on a daily basis?

Work – Have you ever worked tirelessly and exceeded expectations, gave 110%, only for that promotion you wanted or that recognition you sought or pay increase you deserved to be handed to a colleague? Have you ever been treated unfairly with performance matters?

Is it fair that men still on average earn more than their female equivalent? Is it fair that women are made to feel guilty for returning to work full time straight after having kids?

Sport – Have you ever lost that important sports match by the smallest of margins due to an umpiring decision? Have you been the last person selected; left standing all alone at the end for team event?

Family – Is it fair that there are some people that abuse their children while there are others that would do anything to have  child but can’t? Is it fair that some families have a loving/friendship relationships whilst others fight and bicker the whole time?

Life – Why does that friend of yours constantly go on extravagant holidays and buy exquisite things? Why do we see constantly on news innocent people being killed?

It is true that life throws ‘curve balls’ our way sometimes. We have to deal with ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ in situations that come our way. Life isn’t meant to be easy; it is a constant challenge that needs to be embraced as the challenges we face and overcome is what makes us stronger.

Being faced with unfair situations will occur and will likely occur regularly. It is how we deal with it that makes the difference. We learn resilience from a young age and continue to incorporate this into our daily lives. It begins when we play pass the parcel and do not receive a gift on the layer of pass the parcel you opened, missing out on that pay rise you have worked so hard for or being informed of unjust occurrences that will affect your family and kids. The concept of fair derives from our reaction and action to these incidents, we can be victim and say ‘it’s not fair’ or we can be strong and assertive and address the issue head on.

I know which one I will choose, do you??