The Most Useful App’s for Work

The way we undertake business and the process we follow continually changes with the ever evolving world of technology and in particular Smartphone Applications.  We have created a list of the best and most useful ‘apps’ we’ve noticed for work and a professional environment

This really clever and useful ‘App’ captures all the information relating to your business expenses to create quick reports and tracking.
“The best business travel app” – Business insider
Cost:  Free

This fantastic ‘App’ scans any business card and cleverly records all the information into a contact on your phone.  Now there is no need to keep a hold of endless business cards and no fear of losing contact information
Cost:  Free

SetMore Appointments:
This is an appointment setting and scheduling ‘App’. It has strong capabilities and can be used with up to 20 staff.  In addition it allows customers to arrange appointments online
Cost:  Free

This easy to use task manager is especially designed to enable you to accomplish everything you need to achieve on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  This ‘App’ is a get ways to keep organised and ensure tasks are recorded all in one place.
Cost:  $14.95

If you haven’t downloaded this ‘App’, now is the time to do so!  This is definitely one of my personal favourites!  Gone are the days of waiting endlessly for a taxi; Uber offers a quick and efficient way of organising a means to travel wherever you are going
Cost:  Free

This ‘App’ encapsulates an efficient user friendly interface that allows you to store various login details and sensitive information. With data breaches and online security so important these days the need to change and update your passwords regularly is essential therefore this app ensures they are not forgotten.
Cost:  $9.99

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to share files across multiple devices and users.
Cost:  Free

This is a powerful ‘App’ that allows your already existing ‘Apps’ to talk interact with each other. For example an Uber car can be organised to get to your next calendar appointment or audio from a Youtube video can be turned into an MP3 file
Cost:  $3.99

Enlight is an all in one ’App’ that allows you to edit photo’s ‘like a pro’
Cost:  $2.99

WPS Office and PDF for Microsoft document:
This ‘App’ was named as one of the best ‘Apps’ of 2015.  It is completely compatible with Microsoft Office file formats and synchronises with Google Drive and Dropbox.
Cost:  Free

360 Security:
This ‘App’ provides you the ability to easily ensure photo’s in your albums are compressed and ensures that you avoid a large number of unnecessary duplicates.
Cost:  Free

Duolingo is described as Apple iPhone’s ‘App’ of the year! It enables you to learn words and phrases in various languages including German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Danish.
Cost:  Free

This ‘App’ works brilliantly at allowing you to scan various images/docs to save as a PDF, Email, Fax or print
Cost:  $0.99

Evernote Scannable:
Evernote Scannable allows you to scan any type of document easily and efficiently. It is great for receipts, business cards and general note reminders. The ‘App’ automatically crops and adjusts the image for ease and readability, in addition will allow you to share scans as PDF or Jpeg files.
Cost:  Free

Mint (Quick Money Recorder):
This is an easy to use budget management tool which can be used as a simple way to manage and record all of your personal budgets and finances.
Cost:  Free