Honesty is the best policy

I have been in recruitment for over 15 years, I have dealt with various clients and candidates and worked across all industry sectors. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, I love candidates thanking me for placing them in their perfect job and clients grateful for having success in their recruitment process. Through all this I take pride in my work, the processes that I undertake and the quality and standards I adhere to. Even with strong and consistent processes in place there are many moments in recruitment that are still out of my control. I refer to this as the unpredictability factor!

The processes and procedures I have implemented at elle belle recruitment ensure that all consultants take a great deal of pride in working very closely with both candidates and clients throughout the process to ensure the best outcome to meet everyone’s needs. We work on a very honest and transparent approach with both parties and expect the same in return. The recruitment process begins from the moment the candidates comes into our office for an interview. During the process we ensure that the candidate is provided honest feedback and sometimes constructive criticism in regards to their resume, expectations, interview skills and job prospects. Sometimes this may not be received well but we strongly believe ‘honesty is the best policy’. If we believe a candidate is seeking a salary that is too high or unrealistic the consultants at elle belle recruitment will let them know. If a candidate has a resume that is poorly formatted or written, we will provide that feedback and if a candidate didn’t present well during the interview process they will be made aware of this.

Following this, again honesty is the big factor when discussing candidates with the client; we will highlight their background and skills, articulate why we believe they are suitable and note any concerns or doubts that may be present. This level of communication is continued throughout the entire recruitment process up until commencement. During this entire process we expect feedback and honesty from both parties in return. In regards to candidates we want to know if they are considering other roles, if they have hesitations about the role, if they are unhappy about the service they have received or if they are having second thoughts about leaving their current employer. Similarly, in regards to clients we expect them to verbalise any concerns about the candidates presented, the resumes received, the service provided, the time taken or quality presented. Without this consistent and honest feedback, we cannot continue to achieve success.

The unpredictability factor with only appear if one or both parties choose not to be forthcoming or honest with information. We continually stress to candidates, “please ensure I am aware of everything else and any factors that may influence this decision”; however, there are still occasions that at the eleventh hour candidates will advise they have been successful in another role, unbeknown to us that there are other positions in the mix. We recently had an incident where a candidate was successfully placed in a temporary position, after the first day didn’t return with no explanation! This action in my personal opinion this is never acceptable! If the candidate had called and explained their concerns about the role or environment we would be able to work with the parties for a suitable resolution. With no explanation it comes into the unpredictableness of the role and ultimately becomes a bad reflection on elle belle recruitment and our service when in essence, we as a business have not done anything wrong. There was also another instance where a candidate was successfully offered the position, we parties waited four weeks (notice period) and then two days before their commencement date called to say that they are moving interstate. Again without complete honesty and transparency this is the unpredictability of recruitment.

elle belle recruitment work extremely hard at the relationship side of our business to try and alleviate the unpredictableness of the role, however it will never 100% disappear. One method we have adopted is to ask both our candidates and clients for feedback through survey’s we send.

“A stand out amongst the rest of the industry. Genuine communication and service from the team at elle belle. The best I’ve worked with”

“Friendly and helpful staff”