Best Online Sites for Job Searching

It is not hard to get completely inundated and overwhelmed with the endless information out there regarding work, jobs and searching methods. There are endless agencies all proclaiming to be the best various job boards offering good and bad experiences and other sites all claiming to know the “marketplace” and what to do.

As 2015 comes to a rapid closure and 2016 is just around the corner, what better time to get all the information together to assist in your job search in the New Year.

We have compiled a top 10 list of the most useful and informative websites to assist you in your job searching journey.

10. Apply Direct

This is a job board site designed to cut out the “middle man”. There are many candidates that only want to apply for positions direct with companies and this site will allow them to do so with ease. Although quite good, the volumes of job ads aren’t as high as often more prominent sites and without agency involvement the candidate would only be considered for the role being applied for.

9. Gumtree

Gumtree is a local online site, specialising in classified and community ads for buying and selling goods, promotes an individual’s abilities/services to offer and job posting board. Job posting varies from hospitality, retail, admin and sales/marketing, etc.

8. Ethical Jobs

This is an online job board specialising in positions predominantly within the Not-For-Profit (NFP) sector. With various roles and advertised throughout Australia in all areas including medical, childcare, business support, trades and education, etc. If you are committed to working in the NFP sector, this would be a great site to visit.

7. CareerOne

One of Australia’s largest online job boards. This site is able to provide more than just job opportunities; it provides blog information on topics such as market trends and resume preparation assistance.

6. Indeed

Indeed is rated the number 1 job site worldwide, with postings in over 50 countries. Unlike other job boards, Indeed works as an aggregate job lists site by gathering details of thousand of job sites to list on their site.

5. Jobactive

Jobactive is an Australian government funded site providing information & means for candidates to apply for positions, traineeships/apprenticeships and promote their experience to potential employers. It also provides quite insightful information regarding various industry sectors and market trends.

4. OneShift

OneShift is a relatively new site that is designed to match employees with employers. This site provides candidates a platform on which to post their profile which in turn gets sent to prospective employers when similar opportunities present themselves.

3. Seek

A dominate leader within the Australian employment space, this job site is regularly used by both employers and candidates. In addition to their job board functionality, they offer training and educational assistance, resume/career coaching and volunteering opportunities.

2. LinkedIn

Unlike other suites on this list, LinkedIn was established as a social media platform but has strongly secured a top position in the recruitment/employment market. With various employers and agencies having a corporate page, job opportunities are regularly advertised and unless your personal profile is updated and maintained these opportunities may be missed.

1. elle belle recruitment

Obviously a great chance for us to self-promote, but more so to genuinely state that agency websites can provide invaluable information and support to job seekers! Our site lists all current vacancies, detailed and transparent information about the recruitment process, a personal touch with our staff profiles and their levels of experience, as well as our involvement with the local community and useful market information.