10 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job:

There are so many scenarios that play out when you think about why you didn’t get the job. Below are just 10 reasons why you may have missed out.


  1. The hiring manager may have a certain type of person already in their mind for the job and end up hiring someone who fits that view.
  2.  Another person who interviewed/applied had a more similar communication style to the interviewer than you did.
  3. It could be a money issue. Sometimes you are perfectly qualified, but another candidate is happy to do the job for less money.
  4. Sometimes it really is who you know and not what you know. Companies (especially larger ones) are often required to go through the application process even if they already have an internal person in mind.
  5. Were you rude to the receptionist? If you were in a hurry and were nervous when you arrived, you don’t always think to stop, smile, and ask how the receptionist is upon arrival. Don’t make that mistake. The receptionist is the oracle of the office and will relay information on to other team members.
  6. It is possible that you didn’t follow instructions. Hiring managers may ask you to bring specific items for any given reason. If you don’t follow those first instructions, it will come across that you are not detail oriented and may reflect poorly on your future abilities.
  7. They may be worried you won’t stick around. If you studied Marketing and have a side business doing Graphic Design, but are applying for a Customer Service role, they may question why you are wanting Customer Service and raise concerns that you won’t be in it for the long haul.
  8. Did you overshare? Going into too much detail about your personal life or talking negative about a past employer can put you in a bad light. Steer clear of getting too personal and stick to the facts.
  9. You may have verbally expressed yourself well, but how was your body language? If you don’t make eye contact, have a weak handshake, or look down at your phone during an interview, you may just cost yourself the job.
  10. Asking the wrong questions can rub your interviewer the wrong way. If you asked about salary, time off, your work schedule, or benefits during your interview, that may have been why they didn’t offer you the job.


Every interview is different, so be sure to take the time to prepare your answers and research the company. It is much better to be over prepared than under prepared. If you didn’t get the job, always ask for feedback, but don’t always expect a 100% honest answer in return.