How to Help Your Team to do Their Best Work

Managers in today’s workforce are met with many different personality types, all of which may require different ways to stay motivated. The below tips can be applied to your entire team and will help you to gauge what will motivate each employee the most moving forward.


Set a good example.

Show energy and excitement in everything that you do. An unmotivated boss or one that reluctantly turns up everyday will not set a good example. If you are not motivated and excited, your team will not be either. If you are having trouble getting excited, think about why you started your job in the first place, if that still doesn’t help, it might be time to move on to an opportunity that does excite you.

Be empathetic.

A manager that shows support and empathy is much more likely to build rapport with their team. If you can build rapport, you will show that you are more than just a boss, you are human too; which will make it easier for your employees to relate to you.

Make their health a priority.

If your employees are constantly sick and/or tired, productivity will decrease. Offer some healthy snacks in the break room, encourage small breaks during the day so they can get some fresh air and reset. Also, if you have built rapport with your employees you will likely know if they have any ongoing health issues, our article about Endometriosis and the Workplace touches on some ways you can support your employees if they suffer from a chronic illness.


In one on one meetings with your employees, ask them how you can best support them. You may think based on personality profiles that your employees will best be supported a certain way, but you could be wrong. The best way to find out how they want to be supported is to ask them.