What Going to the Dentist and Job Interviews Have in Common

Going to the dentist is like going to a job interview. How you ask? Let me explain!

Recently I made the dreaded trek to the dentist. For me personally, the thought of going to the dentist provokes great anxiety, but actually having to go and see one makes my forehead prickle with sweat. I hate it! Even if it is just for a general check up – for me the dentist sucks!

Whilst sitting in the dentist chair, in an attempt to calm myself down, I was running through a list of things that are much worse than being at the dentist. These things include, coming face to face with a huntsman spider, doing something that involves heights and other daunting tasks. For some people though, going to a job interview can provoke the same sweat producing anxiety that I experience at the dentist.

There are many things that job interviews and going to the dentist have in common. Firstly, like going to the dentist, attending job interviews are an inevitable part of life. Secondly, both require you to sit in anticipation in waiting rooms, pondering on how the next hour or so is going to turn out (am I going to get the job/how many fillings am I going to need).

The next stage also has similarities. You are introduced to your dentist/potential employer and the questions begin. For the dentist, basic questions include “What brings to you here today?” “How often do you floss/brush?” “When was the last time you saw a dentist/where/when?”. Basic questions are also asked during an interview “What was your reason for leaving your last position” “What are your strengths/weaknesses” etc.

I believe that the key to success in both an interview and going to the dentist is PREPARATION! For example, in regards to the dentist, make sure you’re flossing and brushing your teeth (and gums) every day. As with the interview, make sure you research the company you are interviewing, memorise what you have on your resume and rehearse answers to the predictable questions that may be asked (what are your strengths/weaknesses).

So, if you prepare for both the dentist and your next interview – you will not only have beautiful healthy teeth but may also start your new job next week!


Written by Natassja Ford