Work Christmas Party Etiquette

With Christmas fast approaching, this is the time of year we all tend to over indulge in festivities and celebrations. Usually one of the biggest celebrations will be your work/office Christmas party. Whether you work in a small office or a ‘multi-national group’ there are certain behaviours and standards that should be maintained. These parties aren’t the place to completely let your hair down, remember you will have to face your boss or work colleagues soon after woods. We have compiled a ‘Work Christmas Party Etiquette’ guideline to assist.

  1. Dress:
    It’s best to still remain on the conservative side when deciding what to wear. Try avoiding too much cleavage; don’t be seductive, it’s still a business event after all.


  1. Drinking:
    Following a year of hard work, we all enjoy a few drinks. It’s best to know your limits and don’t over indulge in the ‘free alcohol’ on offer. By all means ‘get happy’, don’t get overly confident/arrogant or on the other side a blabbering mess.


  1. Engage and get involved:
    This is your chance to get to know your fellow work colleagues on a more personable level which in turn will foster stronger professional relationships and a united team. Don’t stand in the corner just quietly drinking and eating all the canapés, get involved. This is your chance to talk to your manager and colleagues in an informal/relaxed setting – Take the opportunity!


  1. Don’t be the person that’s memorable:
    The office Christmas party isn’t the forum to exhibit your latest gymnastic moves by doing cartwheels or handstands. Furthermore, it’s not the time to speak your mind. Just because everyone is on the dance floor laughing, drinking and having a good time, remember don’t let your guard down. Be mindful of the language you are using, best not use continuous expletives, even though the drinking may give you the confidence to relax and speak more frankly. Again, this is not the time to share your thoughts on co-workers nor your boss. If you think your boss is a total idiot this is not the time or the place to tell them.


  1. Enjoy yourself:
    There are many work Christmas party invitations sent out with the recipient groaning and whinging about how bad it may be or what a complete waste of time it is. If you are able to attend it’s always best to do so. You won’t need to stay all night but your presence will be noted and appreciated. A work Christmas party is as much of a celebration of the end of years work but equally a chance for your employer to show gratitude for your efforts, hard work, commitment and contribution to their success.


The most important thing to take from all of this is go, enjoy and have fun!

From the entire team at elle belle recruitment we wish you a very Merry Christmas